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1. Project Full Name

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Full Name: JBook

2. Project Purpose and Summarization

Please provide detailed, accurate description of your project and what SourceForge resources and in which way you plan to use. This description will be the basis for the approval or rejection of your project's hosting on SourceForge, and later, to ensure that you are using the services in the intended way. This description will not be used as a public description of your project. It must be written in English.
Project Gutenberg ( supplies a large number
of free electronic texts.  This project aims to help users retrieve,
read, and bookmark electronic texts, primarily from Project Gutenberg
but eventually from other sources.  The major goals are to:

 * Make etext reading easier
 * Promote literacy and reading
 * Advance the cause of Project Gutenberg

JBook is written in Java.  It provides a graphical user interface
built using Java's Swing user interface toolkit.  JBook will run on
any platform for which the Java 2 platform is available, including
Linux, Solaris, MacOS, and Windows.

The project will use SourceForge as a source code repository, a
website on which to promote and educate about JBook, and a place for
the developer(s) to plan and collaborate on future features.

3. License

SourceForge was created to advance Open Source software development. To keep things simple, we are relying on the outstanding work of the Open Source Initiative for our licensing choices.

Choosing a license is a serious decision. Please take some time to read the text (and our explanations) of several licenses before making a choice about your project.

You may change the license for your project at a later date, so long as you have a legal capability to do so, your file release clearly relates this change, and your filemap categorization is updated appropriately. Please note that license changes are not retroactive (i.e. do not apply to products already released under OpenSource license).

SourceForge is not responsible for legal discrepencies regarding your license. Licenses

* GNU General Public License (GPL) * GNU Library Public License (LGPL) * BSD License * MIT License * Artistic License * Mozilla Public License 1.0 (MPL)

License for This Project Your License: GPL

4. Project Public Description

This is the description of your project which will be shown on the Project Summary page, in search results, etc. It should not be as comprehensive and formal as Project Purpose description (step 2), so feel free to use concise and catchy wording. Maximum length is 255 chars.
JBook lets users retrieve, read, and bookmark electronic texts from
Project Gutenberg and other sources.  It transforms any computer into
an electronic book reader with an entire library available on demand.

5. Project Unix Name

In addition to full project name, you will need to choose short, "Unix" name for your project. The "Unix Name" has several restrictions because it is used in so many places around the site. They are: * Cannot match the unix name of any other project * Must be between 3 and 15 characters in length * Must be in lower case * Can only contain characters, numbers, and dashes * Must be a valid unix username * Cannot match one of our reserved domains * Unix name will never change for this project Your unix name is important, however, because it will be used for many things, including: * A web site at * A CVS Repository root of /cvsroot/unixname at * Shell access to * Search engines throughout the site

Unix Name: jbook